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Open Access item Walking in unstructured natural environments

Authors:Porta Pleite, Josep Maria
Celaya Llover, Enric
Keywords:Automation: Robots, Robots, Robotics
Issue Date:1996
Publisher:Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
Citation:European Workshop on Hazardous Robotics: 99-107 (1996)
Abstract:In this paper we present a complete behavior-based controller that allows a six legged robot to walk in unstructured environments. the task of walking on rough terrain is decomposed in two subtasks: terrain adaptation and movement generation. The first one maintains the stability of the robot while the second is in charge of the advance movement. We present solutions to each of these two tasks and show how they can be integrated into a single controller so that further improvements can be made on each of them without modifying the other. The results of a series of evaluation test performed on a real robot are presented.
Description:European Workshop on Hazardous Robotics (HEROS), 1996, Barcelona (España)
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