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Open Access item New Data on the Epipalaeolithic and Neolithic of the Homs Gap: Three Campaigns of Archaeological Survey (2004-2006)

Authors:Haïdar-Boustani, Maya
Ibáñez, Juan José
Maqdissi, Michel
Armendáriz, Ángel
González Urquijo, Jesús E.
Teira, Luis
Keywords:Epipalaeolithic, Epipaleolítico, Neolithic, Homs Gap, Homs, Neolítico
Issue Date:2007
Publisher:Freie Universität Berlin
Citation:Neolithics. The Newsletter of Southwest Asian Neolithic Research 1/07: 3-9.
Abstract:Three campaigns of archaeological survey (2004, 2005,and 2006) carried out by a Syrian-Lebanese-Spanish Mission working to the west of Homs have resulted in the discovery of 162 archaeological sites. In this paper we deal with the Epipalaeolithic and Neolithic sites, relating the discoveries to the current state of our knowledge on the beginning and development of the Neolithic in this area of the northern Levant.
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