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Open Access item Évolution technique et société dans le Néolithique du moyen Euphrate.

Authors:Ibáñez, Juan José
González Urquijo, Jesús E.
Keywords:Neolítico Precerámico, Próximo Oriente, Sociedad, Prepottery Neolithic, Near East, Lithic tools, Society, Utillaje lítico
Issue Date:2006
Publisher:Editions APDCA
Citation:Normes Techniques et practiques sociales de la simplicité des outillages Pré-et Prothohistoriques. Sous la direction de L. Astruc, F. Bon, V. Léa, P.-Y. Milcent, S. Philibert
Abstract:During the PPNA and PPNB (10th to 8th mill. cal. BC) lithic technology got more and more complex. This process shifted by the end of the PPNB and during the PN (7th mill. cal. BC), when expedient technologies were preferred. This evolution cannot be exclusively explained in economic terms. We would rather look for an explanation of this technological evolution within the social and mental changes that took place among Neolithic groups, changes in which technology certainly played an active roll.
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