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Open Access item The evolution of technology during the PPN in the Middle euphrates. A view from use wear analysis of lithic tools

Authors:Ibáñez, Juan José
González Urquijo, Jesús E.
Rodríguez, Amelia
Keywords:Lithic tools, Neolítico Precerámico, Próximo Oriente, Utillaje lítico, Huellas de uso, Antibes, France, Prepottery Neolithic, Near East, Use wear
Issue Date:2007
Publisher:Editions APDCA
Citation:Systèmes techniques et communautés du Néolithique Préceramique au Proche Orient. Technical Systems and Near Eastern PPN Communities, sous la direction de Laurence Astruc, Didier Binder et François Briois.
Abstract:The use-wear analysis of some samples of lithic tools carried out in some PPN site of the Middle Euphrates (Tell Mureybet, Jerf el Ahmar, Tell Halula and Akarçay Tepe) allow us to show some technical changes taking place in the area between 10.000 and 7.800 cal b.C. We relate these technical changes to the economic and social changes taking place during this time period.
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