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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgMay-2014Nanocomposites of iridium oxide and conducting polymers as electroactive phases in biological mediaMoral-Vico, Javier; Sánchez-Redondo, Sara; Lichtenstein, Mathieu; Suñol, Cristina; Casañ Pastor, NievesArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2014IrOx-carbon nanotube hybrids: A nanostructured material for electrodes with increased charge capacity in neural systemsCarretero, N. M.; Lichtenstein, Mathieu; Pérez, Estela; Cabana, Laura; Suñol, Cristina; Casañ Pastor, NievesArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2015Enhanced charge capacity in iridium oxide-graphene oxide hybridsCarretero, N. M.; Lichtenstein, Mathieu; Pérez, Estela; Sandoval, Stefania; Tobias, Gerard; Suñol, Cristina; Casañ Pastor, NievesArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg27-May-2015Coatings of Nanostructured Pristine Graphene-IrOx Hybrids for Neural Electrodes: Layered Stacking and the role of non-oxygenated GraphenePérez, Estela; Lichtenstein, Mathieu; Suñol, Cristina; Casañ Pastor, NievesArtículo
embargoedAccessLiscio-JPhysChemC-2015-postprint.pdf.jpg16-Jul-2015Changes of the Molecular Structure in Organic Thin Film Transistors during OperationLiscio, Fabiola; Ferlauto, Laura; Matta, Micaels; Pfattner, Raphael; Murgia, Mauro; Rovira Angulo, Concepció; Mas-Torrent, Marta; Zerbetto, Francesco; Milita, Silvia; Biscarini, FabioArtículo
embargoedAccess30Pages_Oulad_Zian_LangmuirTemplate.pdf.jpg2015Ultraviolet Pretreatment of Titanium Dioxide and Tin-Doped Indium Oxide Surfaces as a Promoter of the Adsorption of Organic Molecules in Dry Deposition Processes: Light Patterning of Organic NanowiresOulad-Zian, Youssef; Sánchez Valencia, Juan Ramón; Parra-Barranco, J.; Hamad, Said; Espinós, J. P.; Barranco, Ángel; Ferrer, F. J.; Coll Bau, Mariona; Borrás, AnaArtículo
openAccesslowtemperature.pdf.jpg2014The low temperature magnetostructural transition in Pr0.50Sr0.50CoO3: Bulk versus thin film behaviorPadilla-Pantoja, J.; Herrero-Martín, Javier; Torrelles, X.; Bozzo, B.; Blasco, Javier; Ritter, C.; García-Muñoz, J. L.Artículo
openAccessRole of Pr cations.pdf.jpg2014Role of Pr cations and the low temperature transition in Pr0.50Sr0.50CoO3: A comparison to Pr0.50Ca0.50CoO3Padilla-Pantoja, J.; Barón-González, A. J.; Bozzo, B.; Blasco, Javier; Ritter, C.; Herrero-Martín, Javier; García-Muñoz, J. L.Artículo
openAccessx-ray scattering.pdf.jpg2013Origin of incommensurate satellite reflections on TbMnO3 by resonant x-ray scatteringCuartero, Vera; García, Joaquín; Subías, G.; Herrero-Martín, Javier; Blasco, Javier; Natoli, Calogero R.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Lanthanide contraction within a series of asymmetric dinuclear [Ln 2] complexesAguilà, D.; Barrios, L. A.; Aliaga-Alcalde, N.; Teat, Simon J.; Roubeau, Olivier; Luis, Fernando; Aromí, GuillemArtículo
openAccessGround state and the metal-insulator.pdf.jpg2013Ground state and the metal-insulator transition in (Pr1-yYy)1-xCaxCoO3 (0.45 ≤ x ≤ 0.55) cobaltitesBarón-González, A. J.; García-Muñoz, J. L.; Herrero-Martín, Javier; Frontera Beccaria, Carlos; Subías, G.; Blasco, JavierArtículo
openAccessincommensurate lattice.pdf.jpg2013Determination of incommensurate lattice modulations in La0.4Sr1.6MnO4 by resonant r-ray scatteringGarcía, Joaquín; Herrero-Martín, Javier; Subías, G.; Blasco, Javier; Sánchez, María ConcepciónArtículo
openAccessYanGeng2-ChemEurJ-2014-postprint.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2014A compact tetrathiafulvalene-benzothiadiazole dyad and its highly symmetrical charge-transfer salt: Ordered donor π-stacks closely bound to their acceptorsYan Geng; Pfattner, Raphael; Campos, Antonio; Hauser, Jürg; Laukhin, Vladimir; Puigdollers González, Joaquim; Veciana Miró, Jaume; Mas-Torrent, Marta; Rovira Angulo, Concepció; Decurtins, Silvio; Liu, Shi-XiaArtículo
openAccessCalbo-ChemEurJ-2013-postprint.pdf.jpg2-Dec-2013Tetrathiafulvalene-based mixed-valence acceptor-donor-acceptor triads: A joint theoretical and experimental approachCalbo, Joaquín; Aragó, Juan; Otón, Francisco; Lloveras Montserrat, Vega; Mas-Torrent, Marta; Vidal-Gancedo, José; Veciana Miró, Jaume; Rovira Angulo, Concepció; Ortí, EnriqueArtículo
embargoedAccessYanGeng-ChemEurJ-2014-postprint.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2014HOMO Stabilisation in p-Extended Dibenzotetrathiafulvalene Derivatives for Their Application in Organic Field-Effect TransistorsYan, Geng; Pfattner, Raphael; Campos García, Antonio; Wei, Wang; Jeannin, Olivier; Hauser, J ürg; Puigdollers González, Joaquim; Bromley, Stefan T.; Decurtins, Silvio; Veciana Miró, Jaume; Rovira Angulo, Concepció; Mas-Torrent, Marta; Shi-Xia, LiuArtículo
openAccessPFATTNER-PhysChemChemPhys-2015-editorial.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2014Organic metal engineering for enhanced field-effect transistor performancePfattner, Raphael; Rovira Angulo, Concepcio; Mas-Torrent, MartaArtículo
embargoedAccessMUGNAINI-JChemPhysLett-2015-postprint.pdf.jpg18-May-2015Looking Inside the Perchlorinated Trityl Radical/Metal Spinterface through SpectroscopyMugnaini, Veronica; Calzolari, Arrigo; Ovsyannikov, Ruslan; Vollmer, Antje; Gonidec, Mathieu; Alcon, Isaac; Veciana Miró, Jaume; Pedio, MaddalenaArtículo
embargoedAccessMUNOZGOMEZ- OrgLett-2014-postprint.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2014Novel PTM-TEMPO biradical for fast dissolution dynamic nuclear polarizationMuñoz-Gómez, José L.; Marín-Montesinos, Ildefonso; Lloveras Montserrat, Vega; Pons, Miquel; Vidal-Gancedo, José; Veciana Miró, JaumeArtículo
embargoedAccessBADETTI-Macrom-2014-postprint.pdf.jpg25-Nov-2014Radical dendrimers: a family of five generations of phosphorus dendrimers functionalized with TEMPO radicalsBadetti, Elena; Lloveras Montserrat, Vega; Muñoz-Gómez, José L.; Sebastián, Rosa M.; Sebastián, Rosa M.; Caminade, Anne M.; Majoral, Jean P.; Veciana Miró, Jaume; Vidal-Gancedo, JoséArtículo
embargoedAccessLLOVERAS-JPhysChemC-2014.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2014Magnetic interactions in spin-labeled Au nanoparticlesLloveras Montserrat, Vega; Badetti, E; Chechik, V; Vidal-Gancedo, JoséArtículo
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