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Open Access item Gait analysis for six-legged robots

Authors:Porta Pleite, Josep Maria
Celaya Llover, Enric
Keywords:Automation, Robots, Robotics
Issue Date:1998
Citation:Technical Report IRI-DT-98-05, Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial, CSIC-UPC, 1998.
Abstract:We present a general method for the analysis of the gaits used by a six-legged robot independently of the mechanism used to generate the gait. The gait state of the robot is defined as a function of the last executed steps and several classes of gait states as well as the transitions between them are identified. As an example, we apply our method to teh well-know wave gaits (the most efficient and stable gaits for straight line locomotion on flat terrain) showing interesting properties about how they can be generated, the relation between all the possible wave gaits and about the emergence of the tripod gait under certain assumptions likely to hold when walking on flat terrain.
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