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Open Access item Highly reactive 4-membered ring nitrogen-containing heterocycles: Synthesis and properties

Authors:Alcaide, Benito
Almendros, Pedro
Arangocillo, Cristina
Keywords:Azetidines, Heterocycles, β-lactams, Rearrangements, Stereoselectivity, Strain
Issue Date:2010
Publisher:BioMed Central
Citation:Current Opinion in Drug Discovery and Development 13(6): 685-697 (2010)
Abstract:4-Membered nitrogen-containing heterocycles, such as β-lactams (ie, 2-azetidinones) and azetidines, are useful substrates in organic chemistry for the design and preparation of biologically active compounds by functionalization of the different positions of the ring. In addition, these compounds are versatile building blocks for the synthesis of other types of nitrogen-containing compounds with potential biological properties. This review summarizes recent data regarding the preparation and properties of 4-membered nitrogen-containing heterocyclic rings, as well as their biological activities.
Description:13 páginas, 15 esquemas.-- El documento en word es el artículo post-print.
Publisher version (URL):http://www.biomedcentral.com/curropindrugdiscovdevel/
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