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openAccess31-Oct-2013Topoisomerase II minimizes DNA entanglements by proofreading DNA topology after DNA strand passageMartínez-García, Belén; Fernàndez, Xavier; Díaz-Ingelmo, Ofelia; Rodríguez-Campos, Antonio; Manichanh, Chaysavanh; Roca, Joaquim
openAccess5-Dec-2008Topoisomerase II: A fitted mechanism for the chromatin landscapeRoca, Joaquim
closedAccess2003Topoisomerasas de ADN de tipo IIRoca, Joaquim
closedAccess2003Engineering photoassimilate partitioning in tobacco plants improves growth and productivity and provides pathogen resistanceMurillo, Isabel; Roca, Ramón; Bortolotti, Cristina; San Segundo, Blanca
closedAccessFeb-2006Reduced diversity of faecal microbiota in Crohn's disease revealed by a metagenomic approachManichanh, Chaysavanh; Roca, Joaquim; Doré, Joël
closedAccess16-Apr-2002Knotting probability of DNA molecules confined in restricted volumes: DNA knotting in phage capsidsArsuaga, Javier; Vázquez, Mariel; Trigueros, Sonia; Sumners, De Witt; Roca, Joaquim
closedAccess7-Jul-2006Topoisomerase II, not topoisomerase I, is the proficient relaxase of nucleosomal DNASalceda, Javier; Fernàndez, Xavier; Roca, Joaquim
openAccess29-Jan-2007Fractal dimension and localization of DNA knotsErcolini, Erika; Valle, Francesco; Adamcik, Jozef; Witz, Guillaume; Metzler, Ralf; Rios, Paolo de los; Roca, Joaquim; Dietler, Giovanni
closedAccess2001Filter binding assays for topoisomerase-DNA complexesRoca, Joaquim
closedAccessAug-2009Expression of transgenic PPP1CC2 in the testis of Ppp1cc-null mice rescues spermatid viability and spermiation but does not restore normal sperm tail ultrastructure, sperm motility, or fertilitySoler, David C.; Kadunganattil, Suraj; Ramdas, Shandilya; Myers, Kimberley; Roca, Joaquim; Slaughter, Theresa; Pilder, Stephen H.; Vijayaraghavan, Srinivasan
openAccess23-May-2014Chromatin regulates DNA torsional energy via topoisomerase II-mediated relaxation of positive supercoilsFernàndez, Xavier; Díaz-Ingelmo, Ofelia; Martínez-García, Belén; Roca, Joaquim
openAccess18-Sep-2013Topoisomerase II regulates yeast genes with singular chromatin architecturesNikolaou, Christoforos; Bermúdez, Ignacio; Manichanh, Chaysavanh; García-Martínez, José María; Guigó, R.; Pérez-Ortín, José Enrique; Roca, Joaquim
closedAccess7-Aug-2009Two-dimensional agarose gel electrophoresis of DNA topoisomersRoca, Joaquim
closedAccess19-Jan-2001Varying levels of positive and negative supercoiling differently affect the efficiency with which topoisomerase II catenates and decatenates DNARoca, Joaquim
closedAccess16-Jan-2004Asymmetric removal of supercoils suggests how topoisomerase II simplifies DNA topologyTrigueros, Sonia; Salceda, Javier; Bermúdez, Ignacio; Fernàndez, Xavier; Roca, Joaquim
openAccessMar-2014Anal gas evacuation and colonic microbiota in patients with flatulence: effect of dietManichanh, Chaysavanh; Roca, Joaquim; Azpiroz, Fernando
closedAccess25-Mar-2002A GyrB-GyrA fusion protein expressed in yeast cells is able to remove DNA supercoils but cannot substitute eukaryotic topoisomerase IITrigueros, Sonia; Roca, Joaquim
closedAccess2014Eng2 is a component of a dynamic protein complex required for endocytic uptake in fission yeastEncinar del Dedo, Javier; Idrissi, Fátima-Zahra; Arnáiz-Pita, Yolanda; James, Michael; Dueñas-Santero, Encarnación; Orellana-Muñoz, Sara; Rey, Francisco del; Sirotkin, Vladimir; Geli, María Isabel; Vázquez de Aldana, Carlos R., et al
openAccessNov-2014Specification of differentiated adult progenitors via inhibition of endocycle entry in the Drosophila tracheaDjabrayan, Nareg J.-V.; Cruz, Josefa; Miguel, Cristina de; Franch-Marro, Xavier; Casanova, Jordi; Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (España); National Science Foundation (US); Generalidad de Cataluña
openAccess16-Jan-2009Yeast genetic analysis reveals the involvement of chromatin reassembly factors in repressing HIV-1 basal transcriptionVanti, Manuela; Gallastegui, Edurne; Respaldiza, Iñaki; Rodríguez-Gil, Alfonso; Gómez-Herreros, Fernando; Jimeno-González, Silvia; Jordan, Albert; Chávez, Sebastián
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 541
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