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openAccess2015Tungstate-targeting of BKαβ1 channels tunes ERK phosphorylation and cell proliferation in human vascular smooth muscleFernández-Mariño, Ana Isabel; Cidad, Pilar; López-López, José R.; Pérez-García, M. Teresa; Fernández-Fernández, José M.
closedAccess2015Susceptibility to excitotoxicity in aged hippocampal cultures and neuroprotection by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: role of mitochondrial calciumCalvo, María; Sanz-Blasco, Sara; Caballero, Erica; Villalobos, Carlos; Núñez, Lucía
openAccess2015Oleanolic acid: a promising neuroprotective agent for cerebral ischemiaCaltana, Laura; Nieto, María Luisa; Brusco, Alicia
closedAccess2015Association of type and location of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations with risk of breast and ovarian cancerRebbeck, Timothy R.; Osorio, Ana; Benitez, Javier; Tejada, María Isabel; Durán, Mercedes; Hoya, Miguel de la; Díez, Orland; Blanco, Ignacio
closedAccess2015Differential calcium handling by the cis and trans regions of the Golgi apparatusAulestia, Francisco J.; Alonso, María Teresa; García-Sancho, Javier
openAccess2015Hepatocyte growth factor is elevated in amniotic fluid from obese women and regulates placental glucose and fatty acid metabolismVisiedo, Francisco; Bugatto, Fernando; Carrasco-Fernández, C.; Sáez-Benito, A.; Mateos, R. M.; Cózar-Castellano, Irene; Bartha, Jose L.; Perdomo, Germán
openAccess2015Group V secreted phospholipase A2 is upregulated by IL-4 in human macrophages and mediates phagocytosis via hydrolysis of ethanolamine phospholipidsRubio, Julio M.; Rodríguez, Juan Pablo; Gil-de-Gómez, Luis; Guijas, Carlos; Balboa, María A.; Balsinde, Jesús
openAccess2015Lazarillo-related Lipocalins confer long-term protection against type i Spinocerebellar Ataxia degeneration contributing to optimize selective autophagyCaño-Espinel, Manuela del; Acebes, Judith R.; Sánchez, Diego; Ganfornina, M. D.
closedAccess2014The unfolded protein response and the phosphorylations of activating transcription factor 2 in the trans-activation of il23a promoter produced by β-glucansRodríguez, Mario; Domingo, Esther; Alonso, Sara; García Frade, Javier; Eiros, José; Sánchez Crespo, Mariano; Fernández, Nieves
openAccess2014Synergy between sphingosine 1-phosphate and lipopolysaccharide signaling promotes an inflammatory, angiogenic and osteogenic response in human aortic valve interstitial cellsFernández-Pisonero, I.; López, Javier; Onecha, Esther; Dueñas, Ana I.; Maeso, Patricia; San Román, José Alberto; García-Rodríguez, Carmen
closedAccess2014Polarization of the innate immune response by prostaglandin E2: A puzzle of receptors and signalsRodríguez, Mario; Domingo, Esther; Municio, Cristina; Alvarez, Yolanda; Hugo, Etzel; Fernández, Nieves; Sánchez Crespo, Mariano
openAccess2014Phospholipase A2 regulation of lipid droplet formationGuijas, Carlos; Rodríguez, Juan Pablo; Rubio, Julio M.; Balboa, María A.; Balsinde, Jesús
closedAccess2014Oleanolic acid modulates the immune-inflammatory response in mice with experimental autoimmune myocarditis and protects from cardiac injury. Therapeutic implications for the human diseaseMartín, Rubén; Cordova, Claudia; San Román, José Alberto; Gutiérrez, Beatriz; Cachofeiro, Victoria; Nieto, María Luisa
openAccess2014Oleanolic acid controls allergic and inflammatory responses in experimental allergic conjunctivitisCordova, Claudia; Gutiérrez, Beatriz; Martínez-García, Carmen; Martín, Rubén; Gallego-Muñoz, Patricia; Hernández, Marita; Nieto, María Luisa
closedAccess2014K+ channels expression in hypertension after arterial injury, and effect of selective Kv1.3 blockade with PAP-1 on intimal hyperplasia formationCidad, Pilar; Novensà, Laura; Heras, Magda; López-López, José R.; Pérez-García, M. Teresa; Roqué, Mercé
closedAccess2014Is there a relationship between brain-derived neurotrophic factor for driving neuronal auditory circuits with onset of auditory function and the changes following cochlear injury or during aging?Schimmang, Thomas; Durán Alonso, Beatriz; Zimmermann, U.; Knipper, Marlies
closedAccess2014GAP, an aequorin-based fluorescent indicator for imaging Ca2+ in organellesRodríguez-García, Arancha; Rojo-Ruiz, Jonathan; Navas-Navarro, Paloma; Aulestia, Francisco J.; Gallego‑Sandín, Sonia; García-Sancho, Javier; Alonso, María Teresa
closedAccess2014GALNT12 is not a major contributor of familial colorectal cancer type XInfante, Mar; Durán, Mercedes; Blanco, Ignacio; Valle, Laura
closedAccess2014Further evidence for the neuroprotective role of oleanolic acid in a model of focal brain hypoxia in ratsCaltana, Laura; Rutolo, Damián; Nieto, María Luisa; Brusco, Alicia
closedAccess2014A reciprocal shift in transient receptor potential channel 1 (TRPC1) and stromal interaction molecule 2 (STIM2) contributes to Ca2+ remodeling and cancer hallmarks in colorectal carcinoma cellsSobradillo, Diego; Hernández-Morales, Miriam; Ubierna, Daniel; Moyer, Mary P.; Núñez, Lucía; Villalobos, Carlos
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 401
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