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openAccesscooperative_activation .pdf.jpg2019Cooperative activation of X–H (X = H, C, O, N) bonds by a Pt(0)/Ag(I) metal-only Lewis pairHidalgo, Nereida; Maya, Celia ; Campos, Jesús artículo
openAccessgermanium_tin dihalides.pdf.jpg2019Reactivity of a gold(I)/platinum(0) frustrated Lewis pair with germanium and tin dihalidesHidalgo, Nereida; Bajo, Sonia ; Moreno, Juan José; Navarro-Gilabert, Carlos; Mercado, Brandon Q.; Campos, Jesús artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgSep-2015Site‐selective modification of peptides: From “customizable units” to novel α‐aryl and α‐alkyl glycine derivatives, and components of branched peptidesRomero Estudillo, Iván Omar; Saavedra, Carlos Javier ; Boto, Alicia ; Álvarez, Eleuterio artículo
openAccessmolecules-24-01591.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2019Synthesis of a Fluorous-Tagged Hexasaccharide and Interaction with Growth Factors Using Sugar-Coated MicroplatesMaza, Susana ; Paz, José L. de; Nieto, Pedro M.  artículo
embargoedAccess2018-NKB-KISSPEPTIN-PCOS-ARTICULO EN FORMATO ENVIADO-JARG-D-18-00500.pdf.jpg2019Altered expression of the kisspeptin/KISS1R and neurokinin B/NK3R systems in mural granulosa and cumulus cells of patients with polycystic ovarian syndromeBlasco, Víctor; Pinto, Francisco, M.; Fernández- Atucha, Ainhoa; Prados, Nicolás; Tena-Sempere, Manuel; Fernández-Sánchez, Manuel; Candenas, Luzartículo
openAccessJLS_ACIE_2018.pdf.jpg2018Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Heterobiaryl Ketones by Zinc‐Catalyzed Asymmetric HydrosilylationHornillos, Valentín ; Carmona, José A.; Ros, Abel ; Iglesias-Sigüenza, Javier; Fernández, Rosario; López-Serrano, Joaquín ; Lassaletta, José M. artículo
embargoedAccessEC_In my element.pdf.jpg2019In My Element: MolybdenumCarmona, Ernesto artículo
openAccesss41598-019-40114-7.pdf.jpg2019Glycosylated nanostructures in sublingual immunotherapy induce long-lasting tolerance in LTP allergy mouse modelRodríguez, María J.; Ramos-Soriano, Javier; Perkins, James R.; Mascaraque, Ainhoa ; Torres, María J.; Gómez, Francisca; Díaz-Perales, Araceli; Rojo, Javier ; Mayorga, Cristobalinaartículo
openAccessSB_InorgChimActa.pdf.jpg2017Syntheses, solid structures, and behavior in solution of [MI2(CO)3(pyrazole)2] complexes (M = Mo, W)Paredes, Paloma; Lorenzo, Fernando; Bajo, Sonia ; Cuéllar, Elena; Strohmann, Carsten; Martín-Álvarez, José M.; Miguel, Daniel; Villafañe, Fernandpartículo
embargoedAccessEC_Chem Eur J_2019.pdf.jpgOct-2018Synthesis, Structure and Nickel Carbonyl Complexes of Dialkylterphenyl PhosphinesMarín, Mario; Moreno, Juan J.; Navarro-Gilabert, Carlos; Álvarez, Eleuterio ; Maya, Celia ; Peloso, Riccardo ; Nicasio, M. Carmen; Carmona, Ernesto artículo
openAccessPd_Catalysis.pdf.jpg2017Following Palladium Catalyzed Methoxycarbonylation by Hyperpolarized NMR Spectroscopy: A Parahydrogen Based InvestigationGuan, Dexin; Holmes, A. Jonathan; López-Serrano, Joaquín ; Duckett, Simon D.artículo
openAccessjacs.8b11752.pdf.jpg2019Base-Promoted, Remote C−H Activation at a Cationic (η5‑C5Me5)Ir(III) Center Involving Reversible C−C Bond Formation of Bound C5Me5Moreno, Juan J.; Espada, María F.; Campos, Jesús ; López-Serrano, Joaquín ; Macgregor, Stuart A.; Carmona, Ernesto artículo
openAccessJLS_Galley Proof_ACIE_2017.pdf.jpg2017Controlled and Reversible Stepwise Growth of Linear Copper(I) Chains Enabled by Dynamic Ligand ScaffoldsRivada-Wheelaghan, Orestes ; Aristizábal, Sandra L.; López-Serrano, Joaquín ; Fayzullin, Robert R.; Khusnutdinova, Julia R.artículo
openAccessacs.organomet.7b00208.pdf.jpg2017Oxidative Addition of Aryl Electrophiles to a Prototypical Nickel(0) Complex: Mechanism and Structure/Reactivity RelationshipsBajo, Sonia ; Laidlaw, Gilian; Kennedy, Alan R.; Sproules, Stephen; Nelson, David J.artículo
embargoedAccessEC_Revised Manuscript_Coord Chem Rev_2018.pdf.jpg2018Non-heteroatom-substituted alkylidene complexes of groups 10 and 11Peloso, Riccardo ; Carmona, Ernesto artículo
openAccessgky1138.pdf.jpg2019HuR biological function involves RRM3-mediated dimerization and RNA binding by all three RRMsPabis, Marta; Popowicz, Grzegorz M.; Stehle, Ralf; Fernández-Ramos, David; Asami, Sam; Warner, Lisa; García-Mauriño, Sofía M.; Schlundt, Andreas; Martínez-Chantar, María L.; Díaz-Moreno, Irene ; Sattler, Michaelartículo
openAccess1860-5397-15-14.pdf.jpg2019Unexpected loss of stereoselectivity in glycosylation reactions during the synthesis of chondroitin sulfate oligosaccharidesMena-Barragán, Teresa; Paz, José L. de; Nieto, Pedro M.  artículo
embargoedAccessP.Lara etal Manuscript_Revised.pdf.jpg23-Jan-2019Phosphane‐decorated Platinum Nanoparticles as Efficient Catalysts for H2 Generation from Ammonia Borane and MethanolLara, Patricia ; Philippot, Karine; Suárez, Andrés artículo
embargoedAccessmanuscript-f.pdf.jpg2019Monomeric Alkoxide and Alkylcarbonate Complexes of Nickel and Palladium Stabilized with the iPrPCP Pincer Ligand: A Model for the Catalytic Carboxylation of Alcohols to Alkyl CarbonatesMartínez-Prieto, Luis M.; Palma, Pilar ; Cámpora, Juan artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0209191.pdf.jpg2018The CbrB Regulon: Promoter dissection reveals novel insights into the CbrAB expression network in Pseudomonas putidaBarroso, Rocío; García-Mauriño, Sofía M.; Tomás-Gallardo, Laura ; Andújar, Eloísa ; Pérez-Alegre, Mónica ; Santero, Eduardo ; Canosa, Inés artículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 670
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