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Closed Access item The Evolution of Robotics Research: From Industrial Robotics to Field and Service Robotics

Authors:García Armada, Elena
Jiménez, María Antonia
González de Santos, Pablo
Armada, Manuel
Keywords:Humanoid Robots, Industrial Robots, Intelligent Control, Medical Robotics, Mobile Robots, Motion Control, Service Robots, Underwater Vehicles
Issue Date:Mar-2007
Publisher:Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Citation:IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine 14(1):90-103 (2007)
Abstract:This article surveys traditional research topics in industrial robotics and mobile robotics and then expands on new trends in robotics research that focus more on the interaction between human and robot. The new trends in robotics research have been denominated service robotics because of their general goal of getting robots closer to human social needs, and this article surveys research on service robotics such as medical robotics, rehabilitation robotics, underwater robotics, field robotics, construction robotics and humanoid robotics. The aim of this article is to provide an overview of the evolution of research topics in robotics from classical motion control for industrial robots to modern intelligent control techniques and social learning paradigms, among other aspects.
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