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closedAccess2014Laser nanofabrication of soft matterCastillejo, Marta; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.; Ouija, Mohamed; Rebollar, Esther
openAccessFeb-2012Laser induced fluorescence and FT-Raman spectroscopy for characterizing patinas on stone substratesOujja, Mohamed; Vázquez Calvo, M.ª Carmen; Sanz, M.; Álvarez de Buergo, Mónica; Fort González, Rafael; Castillejo, M.
openAccessMar-2015Quantifying the impacts of an updated global dimethyl sulfide climatology on cloud microphysics and aerosol radiative forcingMahajan, A. S.; Fadnavis, Suvarna; Thomas, Manu A.; Pozzoli, Luca; Gupta, Smrati; Royer, S.-J.; Saiz-López, A.; Simó, Rafel
closedAccess2011UV laser removal of varnish on tempera paints with nanosecond and femtosecond pulsesOujja, Mohamed; García, Ana; Romero, Carolina; Vázquez de Aldana, Javier R.; Moreno, Pablo; Castillejo, Marta
openAccess15-Sep-2011Laser cleaning of 19th century Congo rattan matsCarmona, N.; Oujja, Mohamed; Roemich, H.; Castillejo, Marta
closedAccess2014Structural basis of the regulatory mechanism of the plant CIPK family of protein kinases controlling ion homeostasis and abiotic stressChaves Sanjuán, Antonio; Sánchez-Barrena, María José; González-Rubio, Juana M.; Moreno, M.; Ragel, Paula; Jiménez, M.; Pardo, José M.; Martínez-Ripoll, Martín; Quintero, Francisco J.; Albert, Armando
closedAccess2014Comparative analysis of 14C and tgatechniques for the quantification of the biomass content of end-of-life tiresSaiz-Rodríguez, L.; Bermejo-Muñoz, J. M.; Rodríguez-Díaz, A.; Fernández-Torres, Rubinos-Pérez, A.
closedAccess2013María Josefa Molera: cinética, fotoquímica y cromatografía en la España de 1940 a 1980Acuña, A. Ulises; Santiuste, J. M.
closedAccess2013Control by Potassium of the Size Distribution of Escherichia coli FtsZ Polymers Is Independent of GTPase ActivityAhijado-Guzmán, Rubén; Alfonso, Carlos; Reija, Belén; Salvarelli, Estefanía; Mingorance, Jesús; Zorrilla, Silvia; Begoña Monterroso, Begoña; Rivas, Germán
closedAccess2014Characterization of laser-induced plasmas of nucleobases: Uracil and thymineLopez-Quintas, Ignacio; Oujja, M.; Sanz, M.; Benitez-Cañete, A.; Hutchison, C.; de Nalda, R.; Martin Muñoz, Margarita; Ganeev, R.A.; Marangos, J.P.; Castillejo, M.
closedAccess2012Ultrasmall iron oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applications: Improving the colloidal and magnetic propertiesCosto, R.; Bello, V.; Robic, C.; Port, M.; Marco, J.F.; Puerto Morales, M.; Veintemillas-Verdaguer, S.
openAccess2014On the origin of remanence enhancement in exchange-uncoupled CoFe2O4-based compositesQuesada, A.; Rubio-Marcos, F.; Marco, J.F.; Mompean, F.J.; García-Hernández, M.; Fernández, J.F.
closedAccess2014Fluorine insertion into the Ruddlesden-Popper phase La2BaFe 2O7: The structure and magnetic properties of La 2BaFe2O5F4Gurusinghe, N.N.M.; Fones, J.C.; Marco, J.F.; Berry, F.J.; Greaves, C.
closedAccess2013Surface characterization of GSH-CdTe quantum dotsGautier, J.L.; Monrás, J.P.; Osorio-Román, I.O.; Vásquez, C.C.; Bravo, D.; Herranz, T.; Marco, J.F.; Pérez-Donoso, J.M.
openAccess2014Decoupling of defect and short-range order contributions to resistivity recovery measurements in binary alloysGómez-Ferrer, B.; García-Cortés, I.; Marco, J.F.; Jiménez-Rey, D.; Vila, R.
closedAccess2014Mössbauer spectroscopy in the investigation of new mineral-related materialsBerry, F.J.; de Laune, B.P.; Greaves, C.; Whitaker, M.J.; Thomas, M.F.; Marco, J.F.
closedAccess2014The influence of deposition temperature on microstructure and corrosion resistance of ZrOxNy/ZrO2 coatings deposited using RF sputteringCubillos, G.I.; Bethencourt, M.; Olaya, J.J.; Alfonso, J.E.; Marco, J.F.
closedAccess2015Micrometric rods grown by nanosecond pulsed laser deposition ofboron carbideLopez-Quintas, Ignacio; Oujja, M.; Sanz, M.; Benitez-Cañete, A.; Chater, R.J.; Vega Cañamares, M.; Marco, J.F.; Castillejo, Marta
openAccess2015Spin and orbital magnetic moment of reconstructed √2 × √2R45º magnetite(001)Martín-García, L.; Gargallo-Caballero, R.; Monti, Matteo; Foerster, M.; Marco, J.F.; Aballe, L.; de la Figuera, Juan
openAccess2013Potentiodynamic Polarization Studies and Surface Chemical Composition of Bismuth Titanate (BixTiyOz) Films Produced through Radiofrequency Magnetron Sputtering.Alfonso, J.E.; Olaya, J.J.; Pinzon, M.J.; Marco, J.F.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 549
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