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Open Access item 5,6-Dihydrodibenzo[b,f][1,4,5]thiadiazepine derivatives and the use thereof in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases

Other Titles:Derivados de 1,4,5-dibenzo (b,f) tiadiazepinas 5,6-dihidro y su uso en el tratamiento de enfermedades neurodegenerativas
Authors:Conde Ruzafa, Santiago
Rodríguez Franco, María Isabel
González Muñoz, Gema Cristina
Villarroya Sánchez, Mercedes
García López, Manuela
García García, Antonio
Issue Date:10-Jun-2010
Citation:WO2010063862 A2
Abstract:[EN] Chemical compounds derived fkom the 5.6-dihydrodibemo[b;B[l,4,5]thiadiazepine heterocyclic system and the use thereof as pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system that are caused by a series of processes included in that which is generally known as neurodegeneration, specifically for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease or Huntington's disease.
[ES] Compuestos químicos derivados del sistema heterocíclico 1,4,5- dibenzo[b,f]tiadiazepinas 5,6-dihidro y su uso como composiciones farmacéuticas para el tratamiento de enfermedades del sistema nervioso central, provocadas por una serie de procesos incluidos en lo que genéricamente se denomina neurodegeneración, en concreto para el tratamiento de Alzheimer, enfermedad de Parkinson o enfermedad de Huntington.
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