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Open Access item Observación y estudio teórico del espectro de la estrella peculiar HD 18474

Authors:Fernández-Figueroa, M. J.
Keywords:Astronomía, Espectrometría, Estrellas G
Issue Date:1973
Publisher:Universidad Complutense de Madrid
CSIC-UCM - Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia (IAG)
Citation:Publicación. Seminario de Astronomía y Geodesia, nº 72, 1973.
Series/Report no.:Publicación. Seminario de Astronomía y Geodesia
Abstract:The spectrum of the peculiar G star HD 18474 is investigated. Accurate fine analysis for HD 18474 yield metal abundances ratio (relatives to hydrogen) that do not differ significantly from their solar values. These results do not agree with preceding studies. Carbon abundance is strong deficient in comparison with the sun. The lines of CH were used to obtain an estimate of excitation temperatute and abundance which was founded to be nearly the same as the means relative abundance of carbon. These results suggest a deficient carbon content in the pre-stellar medium.
Description:Publicado en "Vrania", núms. 277-278.
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