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Open Access item A possible contribution of the gravimetric tides to the study of the discontinuities of the Earth crust

Authors:Vieira, Ricardo
Torroja, J. M.
Keywords:Mareas gravimétricas, Corteza terrestre, Gravity profile, Fault, Discontinuities
Issue Date:1981
Publisher:Universidad Complutense de Madrid
CSIC - Centro Coordinado de Mecánica y Astronomía
Citation:Publicación. Seminario de Astronomía y Geodesia, nº 114, 1981, p. 3-6.
Series/Report no.:Publicación. Seminario de Astronomía y Geodesia
Abstract:[EN] We are developing a profile of the vertical component stations in the Iberian Peninsula, with NS direction along the meridian of Madrid, which crosses the separation of two zones called "Meseta Norte" and "Meseta Sur". These comprise a deep fault that begins in Alentejo, Portugal, and continues in the "Dique de Plasencia" till the Easter Foothills of the Central System. The differences in the Physical structure of both zones have not yet been studied by the most convenient geophysical technique, but a deep seismic profile perperdicular to the direction of contact is a project pending for next year. There is clearly a discrepancy between the results obtained for the gravimetric tides and in the north and south part of that anomaly that has led us to establish a small network for a detailed study of the zone. The network comprises five stations, three to the north and two to the south, with a maximum distance between them of 100 km. The results show a sensible difference in the phase of the M2 and in the amplitude and phase of residuals of the same component between the north and the south stations. We expect better knowledge of the structures of the zone from the seismic profile which will indicate to us whether a more detailed study of the zone is needed.
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