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Open Access item Geodesia de precisión aplicada al control de movimientos y deformaciones en la Caldera del Teide

Authors:Vieira, Ricardo
Sevilla, Miguel J.
Camacho, Antonio G.
Toro y Llaca, Carmen de
Martín, M. D.
Keywords:Geodesia, Geodesy, Deformaciones, Earth crust, Islas Canarias, Canary Islands
Issue Date:1986
Publisher:CSIC-UCM - Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia (IAG)
Real Sociedad Española de Física
Citation:Publicación. Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia. 1986, nº 145.
Anales de física. Serie B. Aplicaciones, métodos e instrumentos. 82(num. especial): pp. 110-126 (1986)
Series/Report no.:Publicación. Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia
Abstract:The survey of potentially active zones in the earth crust done by geodetic methods in one of the most efective techniques for these researches, and it constitutes an essential complement to the geologic and geophysic information. The Caldera del Teide in Tenerife Island is one of the most interesting volcanic buildings in the Canary Islands, and it has been chosen as a proof laboratory of geodetic methods and techniques in potentially active zones. This work presents the results of the geodetic network design and the observations made in it, as well as the gravimetric researches done in the zone.
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