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Open Access item Process for the selective preparation of partially acylated derivatives of monosaccharides and polyols

Authors:Arcos Jiménez, José Antonio
Otero Hernández, Cristina
Issue Date:2-Apr-2003
Citation:European Patent Code: EP 945516 B1
Abstract:The process refers to highly selective enzymatic production of monosaccharides and mono-polyols and/or disubstitued with fatty acids. The procedure is based on the simple mixture of polyol or monosaccharide with the fatty acid, the addition of solvent, and the use of lipases that permit the highly selective obtainment of these products without catalysts or toxic agents. The water produced during the process must be continuously removed throughout the same. The invention belongs to the alimentary, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical sectors. The products obtained are excellent biodegradable and biocompatible non-ionic tensioactive agents which are used as additives for their emulsifying, oily, thickening and moisturising properties.
Description:Filing Date: 1997-10-01.-- Priority Data: ES 9602091 (1996-10-04).-- International Publication Number: WO_98015640 (19980416)
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