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Closed Access item Biological control of harmful algal blooms: A modelling study

Authors:Solé, Jordi
Estrada, Marta
García-Ladona, Emilio
Keywords:Marine algae, Algal blooms
Issue Date:Jul-2006
Citation:Journal of Marine Systems 61(3-4): 165-179(2006)
Abstract:A multispecies dynamic simulation model (ERSEM) was used to examine the influence of allelopathic and trophic interactions causing feeding avoidance by predators, on the formation of harmful algal blooms, under environmental scenarios typical of a Mediterranean harbour (Barcelona). The biological state variables of the model included four functional groups of phytoplankton (diatoms, toxic and non-toxic flagellates and picophytoplankton), heterotrophic flagellates, micro- and mesozooplankton and bacteria. The physical–chemical forcing (irradiance, temperature and major nutrient concentrations) was based on an actual series of measurements taken along a year cycle in the Barcelona harbour. In order to evaluate potential effects of advection, some runs were repeated after introducing a biomass loss term. Numerical simulations showed that allelopathic effects of a toxic alga on a non-toxic but otherwise similar competitor did not have appreciable influence on the dynamics of the system. However, induction of avoidance of the toxic alga by predators, which resulted on increased predation pressure on other algal groups had a significant effect on the development of algal and predator populations. The presence of advection overrided the effect of these interactions and only allowed organisms with sufficiently high potential growth rates to thrive.
Description:15 pages, 14 figures
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jmarsys.2005.06.004
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