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Open Access item Formation of phi Mesic Nuclei

Authors:Yamagata-Sekihara, J.
Vicente Vacas, Manuel J.
Cabrera, Daniel
Hirenzaki, S.
Issue Date:Jul-2010
Publisher:Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
Citation:Progress of Theoretical Physics 124 (1): 147-162 (2010)
Abstract:We consider the structure and formation of the phi mesic nuclei to investigate the experimental feasibility of the observation of signals of the phi mesic nucleus formation. phi mesic nuclei are considered to be very important objects to study the in-medium modification of the phi-meson spectral function at finite density. We consider ((p) over bar, phi), (gamma, p) and (pi(-), n) reactions to produce a phi-meson inside the nucleus and evaluate the effects of its medium modifications to the reaction cross sections. We also estimate the consequences of the uncertainties of the in-medium (K) over bar self-energy to the phi-nucleus interaction. We find that it may be possible to see peak structures in the reaction spectra for the strong attractive potential cases. On the other hand, for strong absorptive interaction cases with relatively weak attraction, it is very difficult to observe clear peaks and we may need to know the spectrum shape in a wide energy region to deduce the properties of phi.
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