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Open Access item Pinched weights and duality violation in QCD sum rules: A critical analysis

Authors:González-Alonso, Martín
Pich, Antonio
Prades, Joaquim
Issue Date:28-Jul-2010
Publisher:American Physical Society
Citation:Physical Review - Section D - Particles and Fields 82 (1): 014019 (2010)
Abstract:We analyze the so-called pinched weights, that are generally thought to reduce the violation of quarkhadron duality in finite-energy sum rules. After showing how this is not true in general, we explain how to address this question for the left-right correlator and any particular pinched weight, taking advantage of our previous work [1], where the possible high-energy behavior of the left-right spectral function was studied. In particular, we show that the use of pinched weights allows to determine with high accuracy the dimension six and eight contributions in the operator-product expansion, O-6 = (-4.3(-0.7)(+0.9)) x 10(-3) GeV6 and O-8 = (-7.2(-5.3)(+4.2)) x 10(-3) GeV8.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevD.82.014019
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