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Closed Access item Gabriel T. Csanady : understanding the physics of the ocean

Authors:Pelegrí, Josep Lluís
Churchill, J. H.
Kirwan, A. D.
Lee, S. -K.
Munn, R. E.
Pettigrew, N. R.
Keywords:Csanady, oceanographer, biography, ocean circulation, turbulent diffusion, air-sea interaction
Issue Date:Mar-2006
Citation:Progress in Oceanography 70(2-4): 91-112 (2006)
Abstract:Gabriel T. Csanady turned 80 in December 2005 and we celebrate it with this special Progress in Oceanography issue. It comprises 20 papers covering some of the many areas that Gabe contributed significantly throughout his professional career. In this introductory paper we briefly review Gabe’s career as an engineer, meteorologist and oceanographer, and highlight some of his major contributions to oceanography, both as a scientist as well as an educator. But we also use this opportunity to remember and thank Gabe, and his wife Joyce, for being such good friends and mentors to several generations of oceanographers. The authors of the collection of papers in this volume deserve special thanks for their efforts. We also are pleased to acknowledge the support of Progress in Oceanography’s editor, Detlef Quadfasel, and the many anonymous reviewers who generously contributed their time and expertise
Description:22 pages, 6 figures
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.pocean.2006.07.002
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