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Open Access item Bobastro (Ardales, Málaga): una madina para un ‘rebelde’

Authors:Martínez Enamorado, Virgilio
Keywords:Bobastro, Ardales, Málaga, Mesas de Villaverde, Ibn Hafsun, Arqueología medieval, Historiografía árabe
Issue Date:1997
Publisher:Universidad de Córdoba
Citation:Qurtuba 2: 123-147 (1997)
Abstract:[EN] The settlement of Bobastro, the city founded by the muladí rebel 'Umar b. Hafsun, in Las Mesas de Villaverde (Ardales, Málaga), is an excepcional site, unique in the archaeological context of southern al-Andalus. In the same way, it is appropriate to underline the importance of the site in the Arab sources: no other settlement of the Emirate period was described with such diversity terminological (sajra, yabal, hisn, madina, qal'a, qasba, ma'qil). However, few of these terms offer an unambigous meaning. In this paper, we attempt a first approach to the whole archaeological site of Las Mesas de Villaverde. This vertebrated territory, known in historiography as Bobastro, is divided into three zones: the madina, the suburban area and, finally, the husun-abwab.
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