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openAccesssrep31060 (1).pdf.jpg2016Heritability of fear of humans in urban and rural populations of a bird speciesCarrtete, Martina; Martínez-Padilla, Jesús ; Rodríguez-Martínez, Sol; Rebolo-Ifrán, Natalia; Palma, Antonio; Tella, José Luis Artículo
openAccesspeerj-2273.pdf.jpg2016Medium-sized exotic prey create novel food webs: the case of predators and scavengers consuming lagomorphsBarbar, Facundo; Hiraldo, F. ; Lambertucci, Sergio A.Artículo
embargoedAccessMain text FE-2015-00478-revision.pdf.jpg2016Is basal metabolic rate associated with recruit production and survival in free-living house sparrows?Rønning, Brent; Broggi, Juli ; Bech, Claus; Moe, Børge; Ringsby, Thor Harald; Pärn, Henrik; Hagen, Ingerid J,; Sæther, Bernt-Erik; Jensen, HenrikArtículo
openAccessFolia_fol-201501-0032.pdf.jpg2015A new feather mite of the genus Dolichodectes (Astigmata: Proctophyllodidae) from Hippolais polyglotta (Passeriformes: Acrocephalidae) in SpainMironov, Sergey; Doña, Jorge; Jovani, Roger Artículo
openAccessCamacho et al..pdf.jpg2016Natal habitat imprinting counteracts the diversifying effects of phenotypedependent dispersal in a spatially structured populationCamacho, Carlos ; Canal, David ; Potti, Jaime Artículo
openAccessMole-n_et_al-2016-Frontiers_in_Ecology_and_the_Environment.pdf.jpg2016Non-trophic functions of carcasses: from death to the nestMoleón, Marcos; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.Artículo
openAccessAlassad. et al.pdf.jpg2016The threatening but unpredictable Sarcoptes scabiei: first deadly outbreak in the Himalayan lynx, Lynx lynx isabellinus, from PakistanHammed, Khalid; Alassad, Samer; Ud Din, Jaffar; Nawaz, Muhammad Ali; Rossi, LucaArtículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0158139.PDF.jpg2016Too Many Is Too Bad: Long-Term Net Negative Effects of High Density Ungulate Populations on a Dominant Mediterranean ShrubLecomte, Xavier; Fedriani, José M. ; Caldeira, María C.; Clemente, Adelaida S.; Olimi, Alessandro; Bugalho, Miguel N.Artículo
openAccessart%3A10.1007%2Fs10531-016-1128-4.pdf.jpg2016The network BiodiversityKnowledge in practice: insights from three trial assessmentsSchindler, Stefan; Livoreil, Barbara; Sousa Pinto, Isabel; Araújo, Rita M.; Zulka, Klaus P.; Pullin, Andrew S.; Santamaría, Luis ; Kropik, Michaela; Fernández-Méndez, Pablo; Wrbka, ThomasArtículo
openAccessBiodiversity 2016.pdf.jpg2016Selecting appropriate methods of knowledge synthesis to inform biodiversity policyPullin, Andrew; Frampton, Geoff; Jongman, Rob; Kohl, Christian; Livoreil, Barbara; Lux, Alexandra; Pataki, György; Petrokofsky, Gillian; Podhora, Alanka; Saarikoski, Eli; Santamaría, Luis ; Schindler, Stefan; Sousa Pinto, Isabel; Vandewalle, Marie; Wittmer, HeidiArtículo
openAccessSantamaria et al..pdf.jpg2016The Network of Knowledge approach: improving the science and society dialogue on biodiversity and ecosystem services in EuropeNesshöver, Carsten; Vandewalle, Marie; Wittmer, Heidi; Balian, Estelle V.; Carmen, Esther; Geijzendorffe, Ilse R.; Görg, Christoph; Jongman, Rob; Livoreil, Barbara; Santamaría, Luis ; Schindler, Stefan; Settele, Josef; Sousa Pinto, Isabel; Török, Katalin; Dijk, Jiska van; Watt, Allan D.; Young, Juliette C.; Zulka, Klaus P.Artículo
openAccessapps.1500085.pdf.jpg2016Isolation of 91 polymorphic microsatellite loci in the western mediterranean endemic Carex helodes (Cyperaceae)Arroyo, Juan M. ; Escudero, Marcial; Jordano, Pedro Artículo
openAccesssrep29002.pdf.jpg2016Effects of landscape anthropization on mosquito community composition and abundanceFerragutti, Martina ; Martínez de la Puente, Josué ; Roiz, David ; Soriguer, Ramón C. ; Figuerola, Jordi Artículo
openAccesssrep27976.pdf.jpg2016Extra-pair paternity in the socially monogamous white stork (Ciconia ciconia) is fairly common and independent of local densityFeldman Turjeman, Sondra; Centeno-Cuadros, A. ; Eggers, Ute; Rotics, Shay; Blas, Julio ; Fiedler, Wolfgang; Kaatz, Michael; Jeltsch, Florain; Wikelski, Martin; Nathan, RanArtículo
closedAccessJun-2016Feeding ecology of two demersal opportunistic predators coexisting in the northwestern Mediterranean SeaLópez, Nieves; Navarro, Joan ; Barría, Claudio; Albo Puigserver, Marta; Coll, Marta; Palomera, IsabelArtículo
openAccessdaphnia_pulicaria_Munoz.pdf.jpgJun-2016Characterization of genome-wide SNPs for the water flea Daphnia pulicaria generated by genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS)Muñoz, Joaquín ; Chaturvedi, Anurag; De Meester, Luc; Weider, L.J.Artículo
closedAccessApr-2016Assessing the trophic ecology of three sympatric squid in the marine ecosystem off the Patagonian Shelf by combining stomach content and stable isotopic analysesRosas-Luis, Rigoberto; Navarro, Joan ; Sánchez, Pilar; Río, José Luis delArtículo
openAccesssrep24820.pdf.jpg2016The signatures of Anthropocene defaunation: cascading effects of the seed dispersal collapsePérez-Méndez, Néstor ; Jordano, Pedro ; García, Cristina; Valido, Alfredo Artículo
embargoedAccessCoccia et al_MS_AQS.pdf.jpg2016Niche partitioning between invasive and native corixids (Hemiptera, Corixidae) in south-west SpainCoccia, Cristina ; Fry, Brian; Ramírez, Francisco ; Boyero, Luz ; Bunn, Stuart E.; Diz-Salgado, Carmen; Walton, Mark; Le Vay, Lewis; Green, Andy J. Artículo
embargoedAccess# Epidemiology and Infection - WNV.pdf.jpg2016West Nile virus neutralizing antibodies in wild birds from southern SpainFerraguti, Martina; Martínez de la Puente, Josué ; Soriguer, Ramón C. ; Llorente, Francisco; Jiménez-Clavero, Miguel A.; Figuerola, Jordi Artículo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3134
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