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Título : New high-spin isomer and quasiparticle-vibration coupling in Ir-187
Autor : Algora, Alejandro, Modamio, V., Jungclaus, Andrea, Bazzacco, D., Escrig, D., Fraile, L. M., Lenzi, S., Marginean, N., Martinez, T., Napoli, D. R., Schwengner, R., Ur, C. A.
Fecha de publicación : 12-May-2010
Editor: American Physical Society
Citación : Physical Review - Section C - Nuclear Physics 81 (5): 054304 (2010)
Resumen: The high-spin structure of the Z = 77 nucleus Ir-187 has been studied using the fusion-evaporation reaction W-186(Li-7, (6)n) at a beam energy of 59 MeV. The excitation scheme of this nucleus has been extended by more than 110 new states, including extensions of all previously established rotational bands. The band crossing region of the h(9/2) negative-parity yrast band has been revised and new intrinsic high-K states have been identified. In particular, a 29/2(-) isomeric state [T-1/2 = 1.8(5)mu s] at an excitation energy of 2487 keV has been observed for the first time, and on top of it, a rich level scheme reaching up to spin (59/2(-)) and excitation energies around 7 MeV has been established.
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ISSN: 0556-2813
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.81.054304
Citación : Physical Review - Section C - Nuclear Physics 81 (5): 054304 (2010)
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