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Open Access item Molecular analysis of a putative transposable retroelement from the Zea genus with internal clusters of tandem repeats

Authors:Monfort, Amparo
Vicient, Carlos M.
Raz, Regina
Puigdomènech, Pere
Martínez-Izquierdo, José A.
Keywords:Retrotransposon-like element, Tandem repeats, Stem-loop, Zea diploperennis, Maize
Issue Date:31-Dec-1995
Publisher:Oxford University Press
Citation:DNA Research 2(6): 255-261 (1995)
Abstract:The molecular characterization of a recently discovered family of long repetitive sequences, termed ZLRS, is described. These elements belong to the class of moderate dispersed repetitive DNA and are specific to the Zea genus. An 8089-bp sequence from a Zea diploperennis ZLRS element have been elucidated. Sequence analysis reveals the presence of a long terminal repeat-like region, two clusters of different tandem repeats and several ORFs. On these grounds, ZLRS could be considered a new member of the superfamily of transposable retroelements. Tandems are present in the majority of ZLRS elements, they show an important stem-loop secondary structure predicted by the computer and their sequence conservation suggests a functional role.
Description:8 pages, 5 figures.-- 8867799 [PubMed].
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/dnares/2.6.255
ISSN:1340-2838 (Print)
1756-1663 (Online)
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