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Open Access item New analysis of a 50 years tide gauge record at Cananéia (SP-Brazil) with the VAV tidal analyisis program

Authors:Ducarme, B.
Venedikov, A. P.
Mesquita, A. R. de
Sampaio França, C. A.
Costa, D. S.
Blitzkow, D.
Vieira, Ricardo
Freitas, S. R. C.
Keywords:Ocean tides, Mean sea level, Ocean pole tide, Radiation tides, Solar activity
Issue Date:2007
Citation:Dynamic Planet : IAG Symposium, Cairns, Australia, 22–26 August, 2005. Berlin : Springer, 2007. p. 453-460.
Series/Report no.:International Association of Geodesy Symposia
Abstract:A homogeneous high quality tide gauge hourly record covering the period 1954-2004 was obtained at Cananéia (SP-Brazil). A previous analysis of a 36 years data set has shown many interesting features, especially very long period signals. This re-analysis benefits from a 40% longer time series and the powerful program VAV for tidal data processing is used to determine the parameters of the tidal constituents derived from the tidal potential, including the long period tidal waves, and of the shallow water and radiation tides. Long period terms are determined from the tidal residues by a semi-automatic research algorithm. The variation of the mean sea level is estimated after subtraction of the ocean tides and estimation of the long period terms. The mean sea level rate of change is estimated to 0.5666 ± 0.0070 cmlyear. Special attention is given to the determination of the ocean pole tide as well as the 11 years term directly related to the solar activity.
Description:Comunicación presentada en el IAG Symposium celebrado en Cairns, Astralia, entre el 22 y el 26 de agosto de 2005.
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