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Open Access item Desarrollo de tecnología y software aplicado a la investigación en Geodinámica de una zona volcánica activa

Other Titles:Development of technology and software applied to the investigation in Geodynamics for a volcanic active zone
Authors:Vélez, Emilio
Vieira, Ricardo
Arnoso, José
Cai, Weixin
Jiang, Jun
Tan, Shiling
Keywords:Geodesia, Geodesy, Geodinámica, Geodynamics, Islas Canarias, Canary Islands, Software, Ingeniería geodésica
Issue Date:2003
Publisher:Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Citation:3ª Asamblea Hispano-Portuguesa de Geodesia y Geofísica: proceedings. Valencia : UPV, 2003, p. 784-787.
Abstract:The cooperation between the 1nstitute ofAstronomy and Geodesy (CSIC-UCM) and the 1nstitute of Seismology of Wuhan (CSB) began in 1988 to develop technology and software for tidal and geodynamic investigation and applications in the field of engineering. The Geodynamics Laboratory of Lanzarote (LGL) pro vides excellent opportunities for the scientific community to test and lo check sensors and data acquisition systems developed under real conditions of observation. The first set of water tube and extensometer was installed in the observation module of Cueva de los Verdes of the LGL eight years ago. Then, differents geophysical sensors and programs for data analysis have been developed for the monitoring of the geodynamic activity in Lanzarote. We present here a review of the collaboration, with special interest in describing of the instruments. The most relevant results obtained up to now are briejly introduced.
Description:Comunicación presntada a la 3ª Asamblea Hispano-Portuguesa de Geodesia y Geofísica = 3ª Assembleia Luso-Espanhola de Geodesia e Geofisica, celebrada en Valencia entre el 4 y el 8 de febrero de 2002.
ISBN:84-9705-297-8 (o.c.)
84-9705-299-4 (v. 2)
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