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Open Access item Efectos oceánicos en observaciones de marea terrestre de inclinacion en Lanzarote

Other Titles:Ocean loading effects from tidal tilt observations in Lanzarote Island
Authors:Arnoso, José
Benavent, M.
Vieira, Ricardo
Kalinina, A.
Gorbatikov, A.
Volkov, V. A.
Keywords:Geodesia, Geodesy, Geodinámica, Geodynamics, Mareas terretres, Earth tides, Islas Canarias, Canary Islands
Issue Date:2003
Publisher:Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Citation:3ª Asamblea Hispano-Portuguesa de Geodesia y Geofísica: proceedings. Valencia : UPV, 2003, p. 250-255.
Abstract:Since 1995 two short base-length horizontal pendulums are continuously recording at the station Cueva de los Verdes (Geodynamics laboratory of Lanzarote). Both tilt-meters are modified from the classical Ostrovsky pendulums and are adapted to the local features of the station. The tilt-meters have a working range of measurements of +-20seconds of arc and can resolve up to one second of arc. Such technical properties allow determining the precise tilt response to Earth tides. The tidal tilt models obtained show an important influence from ocean tides. Thus, the estimated amplitude for the main harmonic constituents is of some 4-5 times larger than values measured at continental stations. In this work, the ocean loading and attraction effect, which are computed from global ocean tidal models supplemented with precise regional and local ones will be evaluated. Hence, tidal tilt observations can be corrected from this effect.
Description:Comunicación presntada a la 3ª Asamblea Hispano-Portuguesa de Geodesia y Geofísica = 3ª Assembleia Luso-Espanhola de Geodesia e Geofisica, celebrada en Valencia entre el 4 y el 8 de febrero de 2002.
ISBN:84-9705-297-8 (o.c.)
84-9705-298-6 (v. 1)
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