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Open Access item Análisis de observaciones de marea de extensión en Lanzarote

Other Titles:Analysis of tidal strain observations in Lanzarote Island
Authors:Arnoso, José
Vieira, Ricardo
Vélez, Emilio
Cai, Weixin
Tan, Shiling
Venedikov, A. P.
Keywords:Geodesia, Geodesy, Mareas, Tides, Instrumentos geodésicos, Islas Canarias
Issue Date:2003
Publisher:Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Citation:3ª Asamblea Hispano-Portuguesa de Geodesia y Geofísica: proceedings. Valencia : UPV, 2003, p. 244-249.
Abstract:The strain response of the Earth to tidal forces is observed in the Geodynamics Laboratory of Lanzarote Island. The instruments, installed in a gallery inside the lava tunnel of Cueva de los Verdes, are kind of horizontal ceramic-tube extensometers. Their base fines comprise from 8 to 38 m length and are orientated in two orthogonal directions (45º.2 N Y 135°.2 N), which depend on the situation in the gallery. The reliability of this instruments, which measure the variation of distance between two fixed points with a resolution of 10 -10, allow us to dispose long term series of tidal strains since 1992. The data series are analysed in order to study the stability of the instruments. Also, with these data we can determine the tidal strain models, as well as the tidal deformation and the long-term variations of strains in this island. Due to the dependence of the local conditions of the station, which is located in an island, the oceanic influence will be investigated together with local atmospheric disturbing effects. These effects are carefully studied for this station, in order to allow the identification and, if possible, its separation from other signals of interest, given the volcanic feature of the island.
Description:Comunicación presntada a la 3ª Asamblea Hispano-Portuguesa de Geodesia y Geofísica = 3ª Assembleia Luso-Espanhola de Geodesia e Geofisica, celebrada en Valencia entre el 4 y el 8 de febrero de 2002.
ISBN:84-9705-297-8 (o.c.)
84-9705-297-8 (o.c.)
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