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Open Access item Parity violation correlations in light muonic atoms

Authors:Bordes, José
Vidal, Jorge
Bernabéu, José
Keywords:Nuclear Physics, Elementary Particles, Particle Acceleration and Detection, Beam Physics
Issue Date:Dec-1989
Citation:Zeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields 41 (4): 679-685
Abstract:The 2 S -1 S transition in light muonic atoms is very sensitive to parity violation correlations induced via neutral currents. Observables depending on these transitions such as the photon polarization and the angular correlation between the emitted radiation and the atom polarization are a clear signal of weak neutral currents in atoms. We find the relation between the lepton and quark couplings and these observables emphasizing the effect of the nuclear spin. The results expected in muonic, atoms μ- 4 He and μ- 3 He are given.
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