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Open Access item Monitoring tidal and non-tidal tilt variations in Lanzarote Island (Spain)

Authors:Arnoso, José
Vieira, Ricardo
Vélez, Emilio
Cai, Weixin
Tan, Shiling
Jiang, Jun
Venedikov, A. P.
Keywords:Mareas, Tides, Inclinómetro, Islas Canarias, Deformaciones, Ground deformations, Geodesia, Geodesy, Tiltmeter
Issue Date:2001
Publisher:Nihon Sokuchi Gakkai (Geodetic Society of Japan)
Citation:Journal of the Geodetic Society of Japan, 47(1):p.456-462(2001)
Abstract:Analyses of tiltmeter data frorn the Geodynarnics Observatory of Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain) are evaluated in order to investigate ground deforrnations. The tiltrneters are operating in two locations of the Island, with different sensitivity ranges depending on the site conditions. The results of tidal analysis show a clear influence of the ocean loading and also rneteorological disturbances. Air pressure and temperature effects are different depending on type, location and orientation of the tiltrneter, with different rnagnitude of the effect in the high and low frequency bands.
Description:Comunicación presentada en el XIV International Symposium on Earth Tides (ETS2000), celebrado en Mizusawa, Japón, entre el 28 de agosto y el 1 de septiembre de 2000. Las actas del congreso han sido publicadas como special issue del Journal of the Geodetic Society of Japan.
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