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Open Access item Program VAV/2000 for tidal analysis of unevenly spaced data with irregular drift and colored noise

Authors:Venedikov, A. P.
Arnoso, José
Vieira, Ricardo
Keywords:Mareas, Tides, Programas de ordenador, Geodesia
Issue Date:2001
Publisher:Nihon Sokuchi Gakkai (Geodetic Society of Japan)
Citation:Journal of the Geodetic Society of Japan, 47(1):p.281-286(2001)
Abstract:A general description of the algorithm used by a new computer program for tidal data processing is presented. The main stages of the algorithm are: (i) filtration of intervals without overlapping and (ii) application of the Method of the Least Squares on the filtered numbers. A new element is that all series of filtered numbers, related with different tidal species are processed all together. It is shown that this way of analysis may be equivalent to a direct processing of the data, without any filtration. However, the processing of the filtered numbers has the advantage to provide frequency dependent estimates of the precision. Another new element is that the program can be applied on totally unevenly spaced data.
Description:Comunicación presentada en el XIV International Symposium on Earth Tides (ETS2000), celebrado en Mizusawa, Japón, entre el 28 de agosto y el 1 de septiembre de 2000. Las actas del congreso han sido publicadas como special issue del Journal of the Geodetic Society of Japan.
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