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Open Access item The Lanzarote underground laboratory

Other Titles:El laboratorio subterráneo de Lanzarote
Authors:Vieira, Ricardo
Van Ruymbeke, M.
Fernández Torres, José
Arnoso, José
Toro y Llaca, Carmen de
Keywords:Geodesia, Geodinámica, Instrumentos geodésicos, Lanzarote, Islas Canarias
Issue Date:1990
Publisher:CSIC-UCM - Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia (IAG)
Citation:Publicación. Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia. 179 : 1-16 (1990)
Series/Report no.:Publicación. Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia
Abstract:Slnce 1987 and as a past of the research project that is carrying out the Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia of Madrid in Canary Islands, a geodynamic permanent station is working in Lanzarote Island, the most northerly and easterly of the main islands of Canarian Archipielago. The station has two fundamental objetives: (a) to test different instruments developed in the context of the tide research and to apply them to other areas of earth research; and (b ) to investigate the possible correlations of earth responses to tidal forces and other phenomena, such as crust stucture and thickness, volcanism, geothermic anomalies and heat flow, seismicity, mass dlsplacements inslde the crust, ocean and almospheric tides, meteorological influences, deformations, etc ... In this paper, we present the instrumentation working in the three modules of the Lanzarote Geodynamics Station actually, and the main results obstained so far.
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