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Título : CSL–MAML-dependent Notch1 signaling controls T lineage–specific IL-7R gene expression in early human thymopoiesis and leukemia
Autor : González-García, Sara, García-Peydró, Marina, Martín-Gayo, Enrique, Ballestar, Esteban, Esteller, Manel, Bornstein, Rafael, de la Pompa, Jose L., Ferrando, Adolfo, Toribio, María Luisa
Palabras clave : Notch1
T Cell
Fecha de publicación : Apr-2009
Editor: Rockefeller University Press
Citación : J. Exp. Med. Vol. 206 No. 4 779-791 (2009)
Resumen: Notch1 activation is essential for T-lineage specification of lymphomyeloid progenitors seeding the thymus. Progression along the T cell lineage further requires cooperative signaling provided by the interleukin 7 receptor (IL-7R), but the molecular mechanisms responsible for the dynamic and lineage-specific regulation of IL-7R during thymopoiesis are unknown. We show that active Notch1 binds to a conserved CSL-binding site in the human IL7R gene promoter and critically regulates IL7R transcription and IL-7R  chain (IL-7R) expression via the CSL–MAML complex. Defective Notch1 signaling selectively impaired IL-7R expression in T-lineage cells, but not B-lineage cells, and resulted in a compromised expansion of early human developing thymocytes, which was rescued upon ectopic IL-7R expression. The pathological implications of these findings are demonstrated by the regulation of IL-7R expression downstream of Notch1 in T cell leukemias. Thus, Notch1 controls early T cell development, in part by regulating the stage- and lineage-specific expression of IL-7R.
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ISSN: 0022-1007
Citación : J. Exp. Med. Vol. 206 No. 4 779-791 (2009)
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