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Open Access item TIARA: A large solid angle silicon array for direct reaction studies with radioactive beams

Authors:Rubio, Berta
Caballero Ontanaya, Luis
Labiche, M.
Catford, W. N.
Lemmon, R. C.
Timis, C. N.
Chapman, R.
Orr, N. A.
Fernández-Domínguez, B.
Moores, G.
Achouri, N. L.
Amzal, N.
Appleton, S.
Ashwood, N. I.
Baldwin, T. D.
Burns, M.
Cacitti, J.
Casadjian, J. M.
Chartier, M.
Curtis, N.
Faiz, K.
France, G. de
Freer, M.
Gautier, J. M.
Gelletly, W.
Iltis, G.
Lecornu, B.
Liang, X.
Marry, C.
Merrer, Y.
Olivier, L.
Pain, S. D.
Pucknell, V. F. E.
Raine, B.
Rejmund, M.
Saillant, F.
Savajols, H.
Sorlin, O.
Spohr, K. -M.
Theisen, Ch.
Voltolini, G.
Warner, D. D.
Keywords:Position sensitive silicon detectors, Nucleon transfer reactions, Radioactive beams, Inverse kinematics
Issue Date:11-Mar-2010
Citation:Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research - Section A 614 (3): 439-448 (2010)
Abstract:A compact, quasi-4 pi position sensitive silicon array. TIARA, designed to study direct reactions induced by radioactive beams in inverse kinematics is described here. The Transfer and Inelastic All-angle Reaction Array (TIARA) consists of 8 resistive charge division detectors forming an octagonal barrel around the target and a set of double-sided silicon-strip annular detectors positioned at each end of the barrel. The detector was coupled to the gamma-ray array EXOGAM and the spectrometer VAMOS at the GANIL Laboratory to demonstrate the potential of such an apparatus with radioactive beams. The N-14(d,p)N-15 reaction, well known in direct kinematics, has been carried out in inverse kinematics for that purpose. The observation of the N-15 ground state and excited states at 7.16 and 7.86 MeV is presented here as well as the comparison of the measured proton angular distributions with DWBA calculations. Transferred l-values are in very good agreement with both theoretical calculations and previous experimental results obtained in direct kinematics.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/ 10.1016/j.nima.2010.01.009
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