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Open Access item The nature of Lambda (1405) hyperon resonance in chiral dynamics

Authors:Oset, Eulogi
Jido, D.
Sekihara, T.
Ikeda, Y.
Hyodo, T.
Kanada-En'yo, Y.
Keywords:Structure of Lambda (1405), Kaon induced Lambda (1405) production, Chiral unitary model, K(K)over-barN quasibound state
Issue Date:1-Apr-2010
Citation:Nuclear Physics - Section A 835 (1-4): 59-66 (2010)
Abstract:The nature of the Lambda(1405) is discussed based on the unitarised coupled-channels approach with chiral dynamics (chiral unitary model). This approach describes the (K) over barN scattering cross sections and the Lambda(1405) spectra phenomenologically very well. With this successful description of Lambda(1405), it is found that the Lambda(1405) is composed by two resonance states having different coupling nature to the meson-baryon states. As a consequence, the resonance position in the pi Sigma invariant mass spectrum depends on the initial channel of the Lambda(1405) production. To observe the Lambda(1405) initiated by the (K) over barN channel, K(-)d -> Lambda(1405)n is one of the most favorable reactions. Hadronic molecule states with kaons are also discussed by emphasizing an important role of Lambda(1405) as a quasibound state of (K) over bar N.
Description:10th International Conference on Hypernuclear and Strange Particle Physics. Tokai, JAPAN, SEP 14-18, 2009
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/ 10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2010.01.175
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