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Open Access item Estudio de errores en el modelo oceánico regional (CIAM) de las Islas Canarias

Other Titles:Study of errors in the regional ocean tide model (CIAM) for Canary Islands
Authors:Arnoso, José
Benavent, M.
González Montesinos, Fuensanta
Keywords:Islas Canarias, Mareas, Geodesia, Geofísica
Issue Date:2007
Publisher:CSIC-UCM - Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia (IAG)
Citation:Publicacion. Instituto de Astronomía y Geodesia. 2007, nº202.
Abstract:We have developed a high-resolution regional ocean tide loading modelfor the Canary Island region (Spain), taking into account the state-of-the art of modelling along with TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry data together with tide gauge measurements. The error spectrum corresponding to the M2 and 01 tidal solutions are estimated by simple differencing of several of the most recent global ocean tide models, and also by inverse methods. In addition, to test the ocean tide model gravity tide observations have been used in two islands of the Archipelago (Tenerife and Lanzarote Islands). For a more precise evaluation ofthe gravity tide loading the regional ocean model is refined uniformly and progressively towards the Canary coastline, using automatic grid discretization and bilinear interpolation. 1f during the interpolation process a cell of the ocean grid crosses the coastline its area is scaled by the frac/ion of water. The land/water determination has been obtained from high resolution digital terrain models of each island /0 minimize errors due to poor coastline representation.
Description:ARNOSO, J., BENAVENT, M., MONTESINOS, F.G. "Estudio de errores en el modelo oceánico regional (CIAM) de las Islas Canarias". En: 5ª Asamblea Hispano Portuguesa de Geodesia y Geofísica, (Sevilla, 30 de enero - 3 de febrero de 2006)
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