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Título : Chiral Unitary Dynamics of Hadrons and Hadrons in a Nuclear Medium
Autor : Oset, Eulogi, Gamermann, Daniel, Vicente Vacas, Manuel J., Strottman, Dan, Khemchandani, Kanchan P., Martínez Torres, Alberto, Geng, Li Sheng, Oller, José Antonio, Roca, Luis, Napsuciale, Mauro
Fecha de publicación : Jun-2009
Editor: World Scientific Publishing
Resumen: In this talk I summarize recent findings around the description of axial vector mesons as dynamically generated states from the interaction of pseudoscalar mesons and vector mesons, dedicating some attention to the two K-1(1270) states. Then I review the generation of open and hidden charm scalar and axial states, and how some recent experiment supports the existence of the new hidden charm scalar state predicted. I present recent results showing that the low lying 1/2(+) baryon resonances for S=-1 can be obtained as bound states or resonances of two mesons and one baryon in coupled channels. Then show the differences with the S=0 case, where the N*(1710) appears also dynamically generated from the two pion one nucleon system, but the N*(1440) does not appear, indicating a more complex structure of the Roper resonance. Finally I shall show how the state X(2175), recently discovered at BABAR and BES, appears naturally as a resonance of the phi K (K) over bar system.
Descripción : 4th DAE-BRNS Workshop on Hadron Physics. Aligarh Muslim Univ, Dept Phys, Aligarh, INDIA, FEB 18-23, 2008
ISSN: 0218-3013
Citación : International Journal of Modern Physics E 18 (5-6): 1389-1403 (2009)
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