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Open Access item On relatively contractive relations in pairs of generalized uniform spaces

Other Titles:Sobre relaciones relativamente contractivas en pares de espacios uniformes generalizados
Authors:Onieva, Víctor M.
Ruiz, Javier
Keywords:Espacio uniforme generalizado, Conectores, Filtros, Espacios cuasiuniformes, Multifunción, F-estructura
Issue Date:1982
Publisher:Real Sociedad Matemática Española
CSIC - Instituto Jorge Juan de Matemáticas
Citation:Revista Matemática Hispanoamericana, 1982, 42 (4-5-6): 194-200.
Abstract:J.C. Mathews and D.W. Curtis have introduced some structures which generalize structures of uniform types to the product of two sets, and they obtain a generalized version of Banach's contraction mapping theorem. In this note we prove that these structures are obtained from the usual analogues by means of a particular bijection; hence we do not have a meaningful generalization. For example, this bijection provides, from a result by A. S. Davies, an analogue of Banach's well-known contraction mapping theorem which trivially implies the main result of [4].
Description:El Instituto "Jorge Juan" de Matemáticas del CSIC se integraría posteriormente en el Instituto de Matemáticas y Física Fundamental (IMAFF).
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