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Título : Production of psi(2S) mesons in p(p)over-bar collisions at 1.96 TeV
Autor : CDF Collaboration, Cabrera, Susana, Cuenca Almenar, Cristóbal, Álvarez González, B., Casal, Bruno, Cuevas, Javier, Gómez, G., Rodrigo, Teresa, Ruiz, Alberto, Scodellaro, Luca, Vila, Iván, Vilar, Rocío, Aaltonen, T.
Fecha de publicación : 6-Aug-2009
Editor: American Physical Society
Resumen: We have measured the differential cross section for the inclusive production of psi(2S) mesons decaying to mu(+)mu(-) that were produced in prompt or B-decay processes from p (p) over bar collisions at 1.96 TeV. These measurements have been made using a data set from an integrated luminosity of 1.1 fb(-1) collected by the CDF II detector at Fermilab. For events with transverse momentum p(T)(psi(2S)) > 2 GeV/c and rapidity vertical bar y(psi(2S))vertical bar < 0.6 we measure the integrated inclusive cross section sigma(p (p) over bar -> psi(2S)X) center dot Br(psi(2S) -> mu(+)mu(-) to be 3.29 +/- 0.04(stat) +/- 0.32(syst) nb.
Versión del editor: 10.1103/PhysRevD.80.031103
ISSN: 1550-7998
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.80.031103
Citación : Physical Review - Section D - Particles and Fields 80 (3): 031103 (2009)
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