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Open Access item Carbon-13 NMR spectra of some ent-rosane diterpenoids

Authors:García-Alvarez, María C.
Rodríguez, Benjamín
Valverde, Serafín
Fraga, Braulio M.
González, Antonio G.
Keywords:Diterpenoids, ent-rosa-5,15-diene, ent-8,5-friedo-pimara-5,15-dienc derivatives, 13CNMR analysis
Issue Date:1981
Citation:Phytochemistry 20: pp. 167-169 (1981)
Abstract:The 13CNMR signals of the parent hydrocarbon ent-rosa-5,15-diene (ent-8,5-friedo-pimara-5,15-diene) and some of their oxygenated derivatives have been assigned.
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