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Open Access item The biotransformation of two ent-15B,16B-epoxy-kaurane derivatives by Gibberella fujikuroi

Authors:Fraga, Braulio M.
Hernández, Melchor G.
García-Tellado, Fernando
González, Pedro
Perales, Áurea
Keywords:Gibberella fujikuroi, Microbiological transformations, Diterpenes, ent-15B,16B-epoxy-14a-hydroxykaurane, Sideroxol
Issue Date:1993
Citation:Phytochemistry 34(1): pp. 133-138 (1993)
Abstract:The microbiological transformation of the diterpene ent-15B,16B-epoxy-14a-hydroxykaurane into ent-14a,15B-dihydroxy-11a,16a-epoxykaurane, ent-7a,14a,15B-trihydroxy-11a,16a-epoxykaurane and ent-7B,14a,15B-trihydroxy-11a,16a-epoxykaurane has been carried out using the fungus Gibberella fujikuroi. The incubation with this fungus of sideroxol (ent-7a,18-dihydroxy-15B,16B-epoxykaurane) gave as main products ent-7a,15B,18-trihydroxy-11a,16a-epoxykaurane and ent-7a,13,18-trihydroxy-15a,16a-epoxykaurane. Some of these compounds were identified as their acetate derivatives. The presence of the 15a,16a-epoxy group in these two substrates inhibits transformations involving oxidation at C-19 and favours the hydroxylation at C-11(B).
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