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Closed Access item Electronic signature of MnAs phases in bare and buried films grown on GaAs(001)

Authors:Moreno, M.
Kumar, A.
Tallarida, M.
Ney, A.
Ploog, K. H.
Keywords:Arsenic alloys, Ferromagnetic materials, Gallium arsenide, III-V semiconductors, Magnetic thin films, Manganese alloys
Issue Date:15-Aug-2008
Publisher:American Vacuum Society
Citation:Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology - Section B 26(4): 1530-1533 (2008)
Abstract:Photoelectron emission spectroscopy analyses of the arsenic bonding in the near-surface region of an initially arsenic-capped MnAs (100) film grown on GaAs(001) have been carried out for progressive thermal decapping stages. Electronically distinct As-bonding states are identified and assigned to bulk MnAs phases, bulk arsenic, and interfacial environments. The arsenic coating imposes mechanical constraints to the MnAs film, in addition to those imposed by the GaAs substrate, which appear to alter the relative stability of the and MnAs phases around room temperature.
Description:4 pages.-- PACS: 68.55.A-; 75.70.Cn; 75.50.Cc; 79.60.-i; 82.80.Pv; 71.20.Gj
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1116/1.2957614
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