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Open Access item Biotransformation of the diterpenes epicandicandiol and candicandiol by Mucor plumbeus

Authors:Fraga, Braulio M.
Alvarez, Alvaro
Suárez, Sergio
Issue Date:2003
Publisher:American Chemical Society
Citation:Journal of Natural Products 66: pp. 327-331 (2003)
Abstract:The microbiological transformation of the diterpene epicandicandiol (1) with Mucor plumbeus gave foliol (3), sideritinol (5), and 7$, 16$, 17, 18-tetrahydroxy-ent-kaurane (7), while the incubation of candicandiol (2) gave 7$,9$, 18-trihydroxy-ent-kaur-16-ene (10), canditriol (11), and 7$,16$, 17, 18-tetrahydroxy-ent-kaurane (12). Thus, the main difference observed in both feedings, resulting from the spatial change in the orientation of the 7-hydroxyl, from axial in the substrate 1 to equatorial in 2, was the formation of a 3$- and a 9$-hydroxylated derivative, respectively.
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