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Open Access item Triterpenos de la phitolacca rivinoides Kth

Authors:González, A. G.
Bretón, José Luis
Castañeda, J. P.
Fraga, Braulio M.
Morales, A.
Issue Date:1972
Publisher:Real Sociedad Española de Física y Química
Citation:Anales de Química 68(7-8): pp. 1057-1059 (1972)
Abstract:A triterpene acid isolated from Phytolaca rivinoides Kth, was identified with 20$-carbomethoxy-oleanolic acid (Ia), which had been obtained already from Mollugo spergula. On the other hand, its spectroscopic data are identical with those of serjanic acid, isolated from a Serjania sp. (Sapindácea).
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