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Open Access item Charmed baryon resonances with heavy-quark symmetry

Authors:Nieves, Juan Miguel
García Recio, Carmen
Magas, Volodymyr K.
Mizutani, T.
Ramos, Àngels
Salcedo, Lorenzo Luis
Tolós, Laura
Keywords:Charmed baryon resonances, Heavy-quark symmetry, SU(8) and SU(4) spin-flavor symmetry
Issue Date:Dec-2009
Publisher:Institute of Physics Publishing
Citation:Chinese Physics C 33 (12): 1323-1326 (2009)
Abstract:We study charmed baryon resonances that are generated dynamically from a coupled-channel unitary approach that implements heavy-quark symmetry. Some states can already be identified with experimental observations, such as $\Lambda_c(2595)$,$\Lambda_c(2660)$, $\Sigma_c(2902)$ or $\Lambda_c(2941)$, while others need a compilation of more experimental data as well as an extension of the model to include higher order contributions. We also compare our model to previous SU(4) schemes.
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