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Closed Access item Abietane diterpenes from nepeta teydea

Authors:Fraga, Braulio M.
Hernández, Melchor G.
Mestres, Teresa
Arteaga, José M.
Keywords:Nepeta teydea, Labiatae, Diterpenes, Netidiol A, Netidiol A 7a-monoacetate, Netidiol A 18-monoacetate, Netidiol A 7a-propyl ether, 8a-epoxy-netidiol A, Netidiol B, Netidiol B 14a-monoacetate, Netidiol B 18-monoacetate, Netiol
Issue Date:1998
Citation:Phytochemistry 47(2): pp. 251-254 (1998)
Abstract:The structures of two a abietane diterpenes previously isolated from Nepeta teydea have been corrected and they have now been named netidiol A and netidiol B. The new diterpenes netidiol A 7a-monoacetate, netidiol A 18-monoacetate, 8a, 14a-epoxy-netidiol A, netidiol A 7a-propyl ether, netidiol B 14a-monoacetate, netidiol B 18-monoacetate and netiol have also been isolated from this species.
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