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Closed Access item Pollen tube dynamics following half- and fully-compatible pollinations in self-compatible almond cultivars

Authors:Ortega, Encarnación
Egea, José
Cánovas, J. A.
Dicenta, Federico
Keywords:Gametophytic incompatibility, Prunus dulcis, Self-compatibility, Pollen tube growth, Fluorescence microscopy
Issue Date:Jun-2002
Citation:Sexual Plant Reproduction 15(1): 47-51(2002)
Abstract:Pollen tube growth dynamics along the style at different times after self- and cross-pollination of four heterozygous self-compatible (SfSx) almond cultivars were studied by means of fluorescence microscopy. Results showed a reduction of pollen tube number along the style following both self-pollination (half-compatible reaction) and cross-pollination (fully-compatible). An important decrease in the percentage of pollen tubes present took place in the upper section of the style in both crosses. As expected in a gametophytic incompatibility system, a higher number of pollen tubes were stopped along the style in the case of the half-compatible crosses; however, the percentage of pollen tubes reaching the base of the style was similar in both cases. These results reveal the existence of other mechanisms controlling pollen tube growth along the style.
Description:5 pages, 3 tables.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00497-002-0137-5
ISSN:0934-0882 (Print)
1432-2145 (Online)
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