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Closed Access item Self-pollination vs. cross-pollination in almond: pollen tube growth, fruit set and fruit characteristics

Authors:Dicenta, Federico
Ortega, Encarnación
Cánovas, J. A.
Egea, José
Keywords:Prunus dulcis, Fruit tree, Inbreeding, Pollination, Self-compatibility, Single cultivar orchard
Issue Date:2002
Citation:Plant Breeding 121(2): 163-167 (2002)
Abstract:Pollen tubes reaching the ovary, fruit set and the main fruit characteristics of six self-compatible genotypes ('Marta', 'Antoñeta', 'Guara', 'Lauranne', 'S2332' and 'S4017') of almond were studied after self- or cross-pollination. No significant differences after self- or cross-pollination were found in the number of pollen tubes reaching the ovary, the percentage of ovaries finally penetrated, fruit set and fruit characteristics. The results showed the possibility of obtaining suitable fertilization, yields and quality of fruits by self-pollination of self-compatible almond cultivars in a single cultivar orchard.
Description:5 pages, 4 tables.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1439-0523.2002.tb01337.x
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