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Closed Access item Gut Microbiota and Probiotics in Modulation of Epithelium and Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Function

Authors:Sanz, Yolanda
Palma, Giada de
Keywords:Gut microbiota, Probiotics, Mucosal immunity, Regulatory T cells
Issue Date:Dec-2009
Publisher:Taylor & Francis
Citation:International Reviews of Immunology 28 (6): 397-413 (2009)
Abstract:The intestinal tract mucosa is exposed to a vast number of environmental antigens and a large community of commensal bacteria. The mucosal immune system has to provide both protection against pathogens and tolerance to harmless bacteria. Immune homeostasis depends on the interaction of indigenous commensal and transient bacteria (probiotics) with various components of the epithelium and the gut-associated lymphoid tissue. Herein, an update is given of the mechanisms by which the gut microbiota and probiotics are translocated through the epithelium, sensed via pattern-recognition receptors, and activate innate and adaptive immune responses.
Description:17 pages, 2 figures.
Publisher version (URL):http://dx.doi.org/10.3109/08830180903215613
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